Eucalyptus Orange: this unique blend is based in Orange oil known for the ability to alleviate anxiety, anger and depression, while Eucalyptus oil is renowned for a refreshing and cooling effect, making this combination a truly rejuvenating and calming scent.

Grapefruit Sage: this special scent is based on an antioxidant superstar, coupled with an herb that stimulates digestion and anti-viral support.

Lavender: this universal scent is renowned for its many beneficial properties, including promoting calm, relaxation, and being a nervous tension reliever.

Lemongrass: this familiar formula is known for the ability to uplift the spirit, boost circulation and bring warmth to overused muscles and joints.

Spearmint Rosemary: this rich aroma creates an uplifting scent that energizes the mind, enhances alertness and helps to release congestion from the respiratory system to make for easier breathing.